Words of Remembrance

“I loved her. She was such an encouragement to me, especially when I lost my own mom. Blodywn always new when I was sad and shared a positive thought.
She offered so much in our Bible study.
Going to miss her dearly.” – Lois S.

“Any room Blod was in was full of smiles and laughter. Thinking of her now brings a smile to my face. She truly had a gift and she will be be missed. <3” -Nick

“Such a sweet lady, sending you prayers and hugs.” – Lois & Ed B.

“Dear Bev and family. I knew Blodwyn through Trinity Congregational Church. She was there when I started attending. She was in Bible Study when I started that class. She was happy, cheerful, pleasant, a smile. For me, Blodwyn and Trinity are synonymous . She sat on the right hand side of the church. Blodwyn always had a bit of a smile. Prayers ascending.Blodwyn, May your memory be a blessing.” – Ella

“Dear Bev and family, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your mother. She was a caring and lovely woman. I will keep your family in my prayers. God bless you all.” – Karen L.

“We have many fond memories of Aunt Blod. When Carl and I got married she was very supportive and willing to offer advice when asked about any illness that may have come about when Michael and Marc were babies. We had many good times during the building of our house in the country. Picnics and parties on the holidays. Every fall Carl would stop by her house with a head of cabbage from our garden, thinking he would only be a few minutes but would turn into a couple hours talking about times gone by. We will miss you but we know you are at peace and with Uncle Bill. Our memories will stay in our hearts forever.” – Paula & Carl B.

“When Dustin a baby, he would love when Aunt Blod would say upsy daisy to him and he always laughed. Also one time she sent pasties to dad and he shared them with us, to this day they were the best I ever had. To us Aunt Blod was the true definition of the word lady. Paul and I will lovingly remember her always.” – Mary and Paul B.

“Blod was one of the sweetest women we have ever known. She was always smiling and positive about life. We will always cherish the many happy memories of her presence. She made the most perfect apple pies at Thanksgiving and had the greatest laugh. She will always be in our hearts.” – Mary Ellen & Steve J.

“Sending my love to Beverly and the rest of the family. Wish I could be there for you in person.. Aunt Blod was a true treasure in knowledge of our family’s history. I remember meeting Aunt Blod with my parents and my grandmom Glenys on trip to the cabin when I was much younger.. We recounted via facebook when I was researching my family history and stayed in touch. Sending love, strength and memories in this time of mourning.” – Russell C.

” I am deeply thinking about you and send you my warmest condolences. I remember meeting your mum, she was such a sweet person. Much love for you, your siblings and Ed, Megan and Rachel. Miss you all very much.” – Edwige M.

“So sorry Bev and Bill, always loved seeing your Mom at the Christmas parties….she will be missed. Please call if you need anything.” – Jeff D.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Your Mom was a great lady. Rick has many fond memories of living next door to her when he was young.” – Karen & Rick J.

“Blod was the sweetest person, truly a gem and so very treasured by everyone. She had a beautiful radiant face and a beautiful soul to match. I will truly miss seeing her face and her sweet soul. I send my love and prayers to all of you” -Marilou W.

“My deepest sympathy at this time of sadness.” – Dr. Paulette M.

“Aunt Blod (my Dad’s baby sister) was one of the best people I’ve ever known. Many great memories, and conversations. I’ll miss her.” – Diana R.

“Ever since first meeting her, Blod was always the shining light at family parties. I always looked forward to seeing her and giving her a big hug. She had a smile that lit up the room and always had a joke or something witty to say to get a big laugh out of everyone. She kept you on your toes. She welcomed myself and everyone she met with open arms. She was a kind, and beautiful soul, and will be truly missed.” – Kyle M.

“I am so sorry to hear your mum has passed away, such sad news. What a fabulous lady she was, and I feel exceptionally privileged to have known her and call her a part of my extended family.” – Rowena S.

“Dear Friends, wow what a strong and amazing woman, what a great legacy for all. May we ,with God’s help, be like her, spreading joy and love. You all are in our prayers, Love you all” – Val & Tom I.

“I have so many wonderful memories of Aunt Blod, one that stands out is, she made the best quickie cookies, they only have like 3 ingredients, but no matter what I did they never came out half as good as hers. I would call her and tell her about my cookies and we would try to figure out what happened. We would both end up laughing cause we both knew that she was the queen of the quickie cookies.
I am so blessed to have had her in my life, but know she is with her soulmate, Uncle Bill who has been waiting for her for a long time. RIP Aunt Blod you will be missed” – Judy M.

“I’m so sorry for your loss. I wish we had more visit’s. I remember several throughout the years. Send My Love to Grampy Jack.” – Kimberly C.

“My sincere condolences to you and your loved ones. I read your mom’s obituary and she sounded like a remarkable woman. May the Lord bless you with peace, strength, and comfort during this difficult time.” – Karen R.

“I will remember Blod as the sweetest woman who ALWAYS had the biggest, brightest smile on her face and a kind word to say. Rest In Peace, Blod!” – Janet B.

“I remember meeting Blodwyn years ago and I am so sorry to hear about her passing, especially during this difficult time. I know how important she was and will always be to all of you, and I’m sending lots of love your way. ” – Melissa F.

“I’m so sorry to hear about your mom’s passing; what an amazing example she was to her husband, kids, grandkids and entire family. May you find peace to all of the wonderful memories you’ve made throughout the years. I’m keeping you all close in my thoughts and prayers. xoxoxoxo” – Denise D.

“I loved that whenever Blod was in anyone’s company she just blended right in. No one considered her older, just one of the girls.” – Marianne G.

“Blod always recalled a memory from when my mom was a kid to share with me whenever I saw her, making her feel like an extended grandparent. I always appreciated that. Her radiant light and stories will live on in everyone she has touched.” – Delaney M.

“I’m so grateful to have known Blod …her laugh and smile was the best ever … my heart is with you guys” – James M.

“She was a spectacular and kind person, always laughing and smiling – I loved her dearly.  She touched all of us and now she lives on inside of you.” – Cassandra B.

“I loved your mom and in spite of your heartache now you’ll always have the memories” – Jenn M.

“She was such an amazing beautiful strong woman who we all adored. I’m sure your dad came to get his sweet girl- one of the funniest in town” – Antonia B.

“I know through media doesn’t count for much, but Aunt Blod was a GREAT lady & tough as nails. She will be missed immensely.” – John M.

“She was such a special lady, always so sweet to all of us.” – Lynn T.

“I loved Blod, and it won’t be the same without her. I could see her smiling right now.” – Carolyn M.

“She was the absolute best. I loved her so much and will miss her dearly.” – Joe M.

“I have some great memories of Blod that I will always cherish. May she be at peace, and I’m sure she’s having a blast with Bill right now” – Joanne B.

“She was the sweetest, kindest woman. Because of her I never have hiccups.” – Tina

“We loved Blod so very much. We will always keep her in our prayers.” – Jeanne & Mark D.

“She was so sweet and gentle and loved to laugh. A laugh I loved along with she herself. She is in my prayers” – Mike M.

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